Is Chai Tea a Herbal Tea?

Chai tea, hailing from southern India and comprised of a blend of teas with aromatic spices, is often considered an alternative to coffee as an effective means of relieving jitters, increasing energy levels and soothing joint pain. Furthermore, its antioxidant-rich composition may protect against heart disease as well as decrease blood sugar levels. Chai tea […]

How to Win $1000 on Slot Machines

Which casino game would you play if there were serious repercussions if you did not walk away with at least $35000 in winnings? While blackjack might seem the obvious choice, using strategy will surely improve your odds. One effective strategy for increasing your odds is starting play as soon as the jackpot reaches its average […]

How to Stop Gambling Online

If you are addicted to online gambling, it can be challenging to break free. There are ways you can reduce temptation and increase your odds of staying away altogether – by identifying triggers and developing effective coping mechanisms; for instance, therapy, sharing emotions with trusted friends, attending support groups or finding healthier hobbies to replace […]

How to Determine Which Lottery Game Has the Best Odds

No matter your goals in playing the lottery, selecting an ideal lottery game is crucial for your enjoyment of it. There are multiple methods of identifying which lottery has the best odds: most commonly by looking at overall chances of winning which takes into account various factors; other ways can identify games offering good expected […]

How Many Slot Machines in Las Vegas?

Slot machines are an iconic sound of Sin City, dotting casino floors like guarded soldiers. Offering less intimidating alternatives to more complex forms of gambling with complicated rules and etiquette, slot machines provide many betting options that can make for an ideal way to pass time while in Las Vegas. Slots aren’t the only casino […]

What is the Best Oregon Lottery Game to Play?

Oregon gamblers poured almost $9.9 billion into Oregon Lottery video machines in fiscal 2013, returning approximately 93%. To increase return rates further, Oregon Lottery plans to install 3,000 new machines by late spring in taverns, strip clubs, bowling alleys and other gambling-oriented establishments; they will feature state-of-the-art graphics and sound as well as offering several […]

What is the Best Pennsylvania Lottery Game to Play?

Statistics experts dispute this notion. The chances of winning even an insignificant prize such as $1,000 on a scratch-off ticket are one in 2,000 – that’s worse than flipping a coin 10 times and getting heads every time! William Sestito, Pennsylvania’s ninth most frequent winner, recently defended himself during an interview. Sitting firmly on the […]

Michigan Lottery Launches Newest Cashword Lottery Game

Michigan Lottery players now have the chance to win millions thanks to Michigan’s Colossal Cashword instant game, set to debut September 5. Each $30 Colossal Cashword ticket gives players a chance at prizes ranging from $30 up to $2 Million; Cashword-themed tickets have proven some of the Lottery’s most popular instant games since first debuting […]

What is the Powerball Lottery Game?

Powerball lottery drawings take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening at 10:59 PM EST with the jackpot starting at $20 Million and gradually growing with each drawing that goes without rolling over back into its previous rollover amount. Furthermore, ticket sales and interest earned on prize money also contribute towards growing it further. Be […]

What is the Red Ball Game With the Ohio Lottery?

What Is Ohio Lottery Red Ball Game Beginning February 1st, Ohio Lottery will incorporate a special “red ball” in every Pick 3 drawing to increase chances of winning prizes by approximately 20%. Even if this ball isn’t drawn, winning tickets still receive standard prizes. Ohio Lottery is the state-run lottery operator for Ohio and offers […]